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Monday, May 3, 2010

Project save the Honda

I enjoy working on cars making them looks better or go faster.

Here's one of my latest rides I worked on, task at hand: Remove old window film and give it a fresh new look. This job took about 3 1/2 hrs to complete and the results are fantastic.

Removing old film is never easy or fun, there are several ways to remove the film and glue residue from the glass, my first choice is using a steamer and if that fails I use razor blades and scrape the glue away.

after removal of the Old Tint and New Tint installed on this Sweet Honda Accord it totally changes the looks, the customer was very happy with his first choice of "project save the Honda" upgrades. With times hard now days who can afford a car payment he state's to me when picking up his car, my first impression was "wow" it looks new again.

After working on this Honda I was able to see the biggest reason why not to look for the cheapest price around, in this kind of aftermarket business you definitely get what you pay for.

I take great pride in providing better products to my customer's, friends, and family and by doing this I know they will be happier in the long run.

Window tint is the cheapest and most effective way to make your ride look different. The benifits of tinting your car is Heat rejection, glare reduction, and Uv protection. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at http://www.ocalatint.com/ , I am mobile and may be in your area from time to time.

thanks for reading, I'm new at blogging so Yes you are going to find booboo's and slip up's, but for the most of it just enjoy because I like talking about my work and I have lot's to share.

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