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Friday, August 27, 2010

A day in life as a Window Tinter

How does Window Tint benifit you?

When Window Tint is applied to an Automobile or Home it starts doing it's job for which is was designed for immediately by blocking the Ultra Violet Rays and the Suns Heat coming through the glass, in return keeping the interior of your car cooler and fabrics in your home from fading but thats not all Window Tint will do for us. Window Tint provides privacy and It also becomes an added Safety feature in many ways like preventing glass shattering from breakage because of accident, vandalism, or mother nature. These are all great reasons to invest in Window Tint for your Auto, Home and even your Business.

Does it have to be "dark" to produce benifits?

No! it does not have to be "dark" to have benifits! Window Tint has made many improvements over the years by becoming cleaner to look through and more effective with technoligy. Most manufactures of Window Tint have produced products that provide the best protection by not having to be "very dark" at all and they are getting hard to even see on the glass if the right installer does your work as well as offers you the better films rather than only offering you the "cheapest films" they can purchase from there supplier. Window Tint is definitely a must in todays life and as the manufactures improve there products the cost goes up making it a "difficult decision" for some on which products they want to offer the public! It's real easy to figure out which Tint Shops are not buying the more expensive products like the "True Lifetime Warrantied Films"!

Is there limit to how "dark" you can have on your Car or Truck?

YES! every State, Province and Country have Laws in place on how "dark" you can have Window Tint installed on each and every particular window on your Automobiles.

When we are young we are faced with the ultimate question to what are we going to do for a living, I had No idea what I really wanted to do because I had the world in the palm of my hands. One day I watched a friend apply a film to his car when I was 14 years old,, funny thing is I never even thought this is what I would end up doing for earn a living. 23 years later I'm one of the best installers you'll find! and Yes I can back that up! Just give me a shout and you can see first hand on your New Car or Truck.

As a Window Tinter by trade I installed Tint soley to make a living as honest as I can and it is becoming very hard to do that because of several things.

#1 Laws on how dark I can install Tint to a Car, Truck and Suv.... Why? you ask... If I as an installer break the "Law" I am subject to be arrested, fined, or worse case scenario forced out of work! Here in Florida it's a second-degree misdemeanor.

#2 The increasing problem not only locally but Nationwide! What am I referring to? I'm talking about the amount of "Illegal Tint" being installed everywhere! Why does this effect me? When I refuse to do it I'll lose business to Tint Shop down the road because alot of them will install anything a customer ask for! There are also several ways to see and understand that this problem is way out of control. How you ask? Look at the car or truck next to you in traffic or in the mall parking lots! can you see in it? 50% of the time your answer will be No. also drive around to all the Tint Shops in your and just tell me what you see parked in the parking lots. Last but not least how many Window Tinters do you think have there own vehicles tinted legal? that answer will disappoint you if you started looking.

#3 one of the biggest reasons why it's getting hard to make a living as an honest Window Tint installer!!

Installers everywhere are giving out "False information" on there products by encouraging the "dark stuff" by claiming "darker tint" protects you better from the Uv and Heat. in return another ilegally tinted vehicle on the road!!.

the biggest request I get from my customers is "Can you match the front to the darkness on the rear of my Suv" ,,, the answer to that is NO thats too dark to be up front because 90% of those come from the factory with a 19% VLT rating. Many installers will do it anyway just to make a quick buck with No regard for anyones safety much less what the "Law" requires. I constantly get a response from customers like "the guy up the street said he will do it for me".

Ok it's about time I wrap this up! but there's one more thing I want to talk about.

What is right or wrong? doing it or refusing to do it? the answer to that is it's wrong no matter if I do it or not!

I've been having problems lately with trying to stay within the guidelines that I'm supposed to follow because an alarming amount of Off Duty Police officers asking me to tint there personal vehicles way beyond the legal limits. The last 3 have accured in the past 2 weeks as all 3 expressed to me that they are allowed to have whatever they want because of there job title (law enforcement officer) and that is FALSE!.

I found this in a great article about "Law Enforcement cracking down on Dark Tint" and in the article

qoute: "" Agency-wide checks are routinely conducted to make sure the deputies' vehicles are compliant, he said.

"Since we (the traffic unit) are the majority of the ones writing tickets, we want to be legal," Goreck said. "It's hypocritical if our tints aren't legal."

There are some exceptions to the rule. K9 and undercover vehicles are exempt, Goreck said. Anyone with a medical condition that makes them sensitive to light is also exempt, but they will need to keep their paperwork handy in case of a traffic stop""

that article can be found here,


If have to turn down something that I know is wrong to do just to keep my integrity, Well just ask me to Tint something illegal and you'll get the "Same answer everyone gets"!

I take great pride in my work and I also take my work seriously!! I will not fall into the same category as those non-professional installers by going against my "Passion for Film"! I will continue to provide my customers better products and installations as well as the knowledge of knowing what they purchased from me and how it benifits them.

If you would like to experience what drives my Passion for Film visit me at www.ocalatint.com

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