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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today's special is a sweet little 2010 Honda Fit.
Goal in mind : Heat rejection with a stylish look.
Film selection : SunTek
Name of film : InfinityOP
Type of film : Sputtered, All Metal construction, No colors or dye's

Each and every car has a certain amount of color in the glass from factory, my task is to install a film on the glass without going below 28%VLT combined with the factory #'s and film #'s.
I used InfinityOP 35% on the front doors giving the customer a close call by being a mere 1% to the good.
Here in Florida the law allows no lower than 15% VLT in the rear of any car
I used InfinityOP 20% to give a 19% VLT measurement keeping the car fully legal for the State of Florida.

This InfinityOP blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays and reduces glare by 70%. With being one of the highest heat rejection films on the market this Nichrome Technology give's it a slick clean look on any car.

VLT is the term for "visible light transmission" means how much light it lets through.
one more thing to be concerned with reflective films, the VLR.
VLR is the term for "visible light reflectance".
Some states don't allow any type of VLR "shiny films".

The InfinityOP has a low VLR with the 35% and 20%. Both only have a 11% of VLR making it perfectly legal for Florida.

I think this was a great choice of films for this car.
The InfinityOP is backed by strong manufacture warranties covering color fade/change, peeling,cracking and delaminating for as long as the original owner has the car.

This car is always fun to work on, I bet it's fun to drive. All work was performed at Kent's. total time to tint this ride was 1 hr and 50 minutes.
Thank for reading about my latest car, I have a something else in mind for my next story. stay tuned.

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