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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Her First New Car

2009 Honda Civic

Film selection: Solargard

Film name: Hp Charcoal

Film type: Sputter-Metal and Dye construction

This film offers high heat rejection #'s while giving a clean, sleek look. The Hp Charcoal film's compliment any color on a car and is one of the most popular choice of film's in the industry.

After talking with the customer for a few minutes before getting started I was able to understand what she was looking for the film to do for her, the top 3 things she wanted from window film
#1 be easy to see out #2 hold out alot of heat #3 have a good warranty.
Hp Charcoal 38% all the way around was the final choice, it offers 53% heat rejection and comes with a lifetime warranty, also the clarity of this film make's it a great choice. The ultimate goals where met easily by this Solargard window film.

I enjoy talking to my customer's when they come to me for there Solar Protection needs. I like to hear about there past experience's with other film's because it enable's me to give them exactly what they are looking for. The biggest enjoyment for me is to see the smile on the customer's face when picking up the car.
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