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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Her Favorite Car


Hp Quantum

Sputtered-All Metal

When this car rolled up into my shop I thought "wow" that's a cool color on a cool car! I have several films that would look great and hold the heat out
but there's one that would look the Best!
As I talked to the owner I learned that it was her first car and her favorite car to boot!

The Hp Quantum really looks great on any color car but on some it just looks fantastic, while holding as much as 65% of the heat out on this cool car it give this film a new meaning to staying Cool!

The Hp Quantum also takes on the hue of the paint of the car and blends very well with any color while most All metalized films tend to be very shiny and creates a contrast.

Keeping it legal is always the best thing to do no matter where you live, Law enforcement everywhere is trying to generate as much revenue
as they can. Window Tint is an easy target for them, if it looks too dark it can give them a reason to stop you, and most officers are equipped with VLT meters. I enjoyed tinting this car alot because it belongs to an owner that has always wanted one of these cars, for those who work hard for what they have deserve the best! Thanks for allowing me to provide the Solar Protection for your car. www.ocalatint.com

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