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Saturday, July 3, 2010

2005 Toyota Matrix
Retired Law enforcement officer
Hp TrueGrey
High metal construction/Low dye

My Customer asked for UV protection, I gave him 37% heat rejection and 99% UV protection with this film, This film is called TureGrey 50. This film is practically undetectable by the naked eye but by fell it's very noticeable inside the car while driving down the road.

Not alot of customer's request just a light film to cut just the UV, most want the privacy but not this guy, he has had bad taste for along time now, seems the last few tint jobs changed color's so bad the it made it very hard to see out of the windows.

After I was done I pulled the car outside in the direct sun to get a good look at the finished job I noticed he had a smile of his face, as I was doing a walk around he came up to me and his response was WoW that's exactly what I wanted. Not only was he concerned with getting another film that could possibly go bad like before he wanted it light enough for almost anywhere he may want to travel. It's a good feeling when I can give my customer's what they want.

When it comes to UV and Heat protection it's not only the dark film's that give you the best result's. In this case darkness was not wanted, UV and heat protection is offered in many different type's of film's, Solargard has a very nice IR film called Ultra75 that rejects 40% of the heat out of the window's and it only block less than 25% light after installed to the glass.

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