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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Z4 make over

2005 Bmw Z4 Roadster
Full strip and retint, Reason another window tinter's poor craftsmanship
The Bad!
Window tinting should not be expected to be perfect but this is just Way too much dirt!

This also should Not have been allowed to leave the shop looking like this.

So the process begins with one thing in mind, Save the defrost lines at all cost! Which sometimes can be very difficult and in some cases not possible. There are several way's to remove the film and adhesive it leaves behind when pulled off the glass, in this certain situation I had to use a very old method that I learned in the beginning of my window tinting career, No Razor blades where used to remove the awful sticky glue residue!

Here's a good shot of what the adhesive looks like after the film is pulled off and just before my using an adhesive remover(secret formula). The chemical breaks the adhesive down so it can be safely removed off the glass without needing razor blades.

Off with the side's! all cleaned up and ready for a quality tint job.

The good.
SunTek CarbonXp
Non-metalized color stable

When I start any tint job the only thing I can think about is someone looking over my work and passing judgement on something they only know in there head as "got to be perfect".
Even though I know I can't make it perfect I still go that extra mile to try.
I managed to leave the defrost lines in tack and get the film on the rear glass without all that nasty stuff in the above pictures.
Another thing that's very important is to get the film to fit the glass nice and tight on the edge's at the top as well as getting the film down below the first seal to prevent peel ups after installation. I have always done a great job on not having light gaps on all roll ups or rear glass installations, recently I improved in one particular area and that's my micro-edge.
I never felt like mine where bad, in fact I've always got great comments from my customer's but some of my peer's brought it to my attention that I need to "tighten up those gaps" , LOL....

I stepped up to the challenge and now my micro-edge's are so tight that sometimes you have to look twice to see the edge of the film.
I owe all that to several of my peer's that I continue to sharpen my skills by listening too and sharing techniques in this trade that I call my passion for film.
the location I like to hangout at and share some of my work is http://www.tintdude.com/ I'm an active member in the forum community and I feel it's a great place to learn from rather your a window tinter or just a consumer looking for more knowledge in the window film world.
I really enjoyed making this bad job look good, sometimes the guy dong the work can have a bad day but there was no excuse for this one.... I always ask my customer's to bring the car back for a follow up to ensure that the work I did for them turned out as good as I could get it, that way they have a great tint job for along time to come.
Thanks for reading.

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